August 2022

Ellatzite-Med AD was awarded the prize in the "Innovations" category for 2021 of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology (BCMG) during the solemn celebration of Miner's Day on 18 august in the “St. Nedelya” Cathedral Church. The company gained the award for the design and implementation of an automated system for the study of deformation processes in the area of "Open Ore Stockpile No. 1" in Ellatzite Mine Complex. Traditionally, the best companies in the mining industry receive awards in various categories.

The operation was realized and implemented in 2021 by specialists from the mine surveying and geotechnical department of the Mine Complex. With it, the time-consuming measurements through classical surveying methods have been replaced by a modern system for automated monitoring (in real-time) in the area of the key facility from the production process of Ellatzite-Med AD.

The project includes the construction of a new monitoring centre – a robotic total station installed in a protective booth. The cabin is also equipped with an infrastructural GNSS control receiver, a device for the management and storage of measurement data, and a Wi-Fi communication module.

Additionally, 3 control points and 50 observation points with reflective prisms are provided. The project also includes vertical observation drill holes, etc.

The implementation of the project allows the total station, receiver and radio modules to transmit the received data to a collection module, and from it through the local network to a database server and computer workstations for analysis. Data analysis is performed in the Trimble 4DControl software product.

In the new monitoring station, the most modern technical means have been implemented: computer systems, software, communications and specialized devices for land surveying and geotechnical measurements. This innovative project ensures the safe operation of the facility.



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