December 2021

Bulgarian Virtues Charity Programme continues improving the urban environment in the regions where the companies Geotechmin, Ellatzite-Med, Geostroy and Geotrading operate. In November and December 2021, three socially significant projects were completed – a general overhaul of the swimming pools at Hristo Yasenov Secondary School in the town of Etropole, installation of a new LED lighting system in the village of Mirkovo, and rehabilitation of streets in the village of Benkovski. The projects were implemented with donations provided by the four companies from GEOTECHMIN GROUP under framework agreements signed with the two municipalities.

In 2022, the students from Hristo Yasenov Secondary School, one of Sofia region’s largest schools accommodating also students from Hristo Stoichkov Football Academy, will be able to practice their favourite water sports in the two newly repaired swimming pools. Modern interior design solutions were applied to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing learning environment. The electrical, plumbing and ventilation installations were fully renovated. New changing rooms and bathrooms with comfortable LED lighting were built. The project is part of the major repairs to the school building completed under the Bulgarian Virtues Programme. The swimming pools will be put into operation after obtaining a permit from the Regional Health Inspectorate.

In just two months, the street lighting networks on the central square and two main streets were renovated in the village of Mirkovo. The other key social project includes reconstruction and asphalting of five streets in the village of Benkovski.

By implementing these projects, Geotechmin, Ellatzite-Med, Geostroy and Geotrading follow the idea enshrined in the Bulgarian Virtues Charity Programme, which was initiated by Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov for the benefit of society. It is intended to support socially significant and worthy causes, financing and completing projects including those in the spheres of education, infrastructure, and urban environment.



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