July 2021

Geotrading AD built two photovoltaic power stations (PVPSs) in Sofia and Etropole, generating a total of about 74 MWh/year. This power cuts the CO₂ that would have been released from traditional generation for charging some 6.4 million cell phones, from burning more than 22,000 litres of gasoline or from the annual electricity consumption of 6 family homes

The PVPSs were built on the rooftops of the ProAuto service centres in Sofia and Etropole and are owned by Geotrading AD, a GEOTECHMIN Group company. The investment is part of the Group’s environmental policy. The project is consistent with the efforts to promote the expansion of renewable capacity in highly urbanised areas, optimising the spaces required for green energy generation. The Etropole station’s capacity is about 35–37 MWh/year and is now in operation. The generated electricity is recorded by a real-time online monitoring system and covers ProAuto Etropole’s needs of electric power for 7 months. In addition to the online reporting, the system aggregates and presents data on the energy produced by day, month and year since the launch of the power station. The data are available on a mobile app, as well. It also tracks the positive effect of the station’s operation, e.g. 18 days of operation saved about 1.4 tonnes of CO₂ that would have been released in the air if the electricity had been generated from non-renewable sources.

The PVPS at the ProAuto service centre in Sofia’s Gorublyane quarter will generate about 35–37 MWh/year of green energy. It is scheduled to be put into operation later this year. The electricity from the PVPSs will be sold to the local power company.

Both Geotrading AD projects are part of GEOTECHMIN Group’s long-term development and responsible investment strategy. They were implemented by another GEOTECHMIN Group company, Energeo EOOD. It is a licensed power seller to industrial and business customers and specialises in engineering, energy and renewable-source projects, covering the entire life cycle of the installations, from the pre-design studies to the maintenance and operation management.



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