Employer: Ellatzite-Med AD 
Contractor: Ellatzite-Med AD/ Modular Mining Systems, Inc.
Project implementation period: 2015-2016

Mining processes at Ellatzite open-pit operation are carried out, controlled and reported by a new state-of-the-art fleet management system. It was supplied by the leading manufacturer Modular Mining Systems, Inc., USA. Using the DISPATCH system has introduced a new approach to process control for all mining operations. By implementing the high-precision positioning system ProVision, a machine guidance solution provided by Modular Mining Systems, Ellatzite’s specialists successfully control the truck location, load and haul cycles, and precise performance of all digging and drilling operations within 10 cm GPS accuracy.

A team from Ellatzite mine together with representatives from the Eurasia office of Modular Mining Systems, Inc. have deployed and commissioned the fleet management system. Specialists from Ellatzite-Med AD have installed a wireless communication network for the needs of the system providing 100% reliable coverage. It is partially powered by “green energy”. The installation and setting-up of DISPATCH and ProVision server centres gave a secure and reliable place to collect and store all the data obtained from mining processes.

The system is fully automatical and manages the production processes using the parameters given by the mine engineers, geologists, surveyors and dispatchers. It minimises the nonoperational time for trucks and shovels. Maximum productivity for the whole equipment is a must. Continuous supervision and control over all mining processes is performed by a mine dispatcher who monitors and manages the whole production activity from a control centre.

Automatic ore blending is a process controlled entirely by DISPATCH, providing reliable blend of ore while achieving planned production levels. As a result of using the DISPATCH system, Ellatzite mine has attained optimal utilisation and increased operational efficiency of the machine fleet, as well as effective management of maintenance processes.

The new system provides a high standard of safe and healthy labour conditions.

The implementation of the new fleet management system is an example of continuous investment in high-end technologies for expanding the automation and maximising the resource efficency at Ellatzite-Med AD.



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