Rehabilitation of Road II-81 between the Towns of Montana and Lom, Bulgaria

Employer: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria
Contractor: Patstroy-92 AD
Project implementation period: 2009

Description of the project:
The project is funded under PHARE program "Bulgaria – Romania Cross Border Cooperation".

The length of the rehabilitated road section is 41 km. Construction activities are carried out under heavy traffic conditions. Several other road construction companies belonging to the GEOTECHMIN GROUP work alongside Patstroy-92 at this project.

As a result of the rehabilitation activities the maximum load bearing capacity of the road is increased to 11.5 tons per axle.

Conducted works:

  • excavation and backfill – 32,300 cub.m.
  • preliminary repair works (road patching) – 134,190 sq.m.
  • non-dense asphalt concrete for shaping and leveling layers – 68,285 tons
  • dense asphalt concrete for wearing layers – 36,750 tons
  • unsorted crushed stone for banquettes – 28,074 cub.m.
  • new road trenches lined with concrete elements – 7,958 m
  • PVC drainage pipes with diameter 150 mm – 5,062 m
  • concrete curbs 8/16 and 18/35 – 10,716 m
  • repairing of bridges – 1,560 sq.m.
  • renewal and cleaning of drainage facilities
  • new elastic fence along the whole length of the route, road markings and signs, indicative plates


Lot 4, Rehabilitation of a Road Section from Road I-6 Sofia - Pirdop

Employer: Road Infrastructure Agency
Contractor: Consortium “PAM 2009” DZZD (with leading partner Patstroy – 92 AD)
Project implementation period: October 2009 – September 2012

Description of the project:
The project includes rehabilitation of a 55.4 km section of the first-class Road I-6 Sofia – Pirdop. The road runs along a hilly and mountainous terrain passing through several towns and villages. The purpose of rehabilitation works is to restore and improve transport efficiency and operational characteristics of the road, while striving to preserve the existing road pavement and prescribed traffic speed – 50, 60 and 80 km/hour.

The project was executed under conditions of uninterrupted heavy traffic flow.

The project was implemented under the Government Investment Loans Programme funded by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and co-financed by the state budget.

Type and quantity of completed works:
The following construction and rehabilitation works were executed by Patstroy-92:

  • rail underpass at km 135+782 with span L = 11 m
  • bridge at km 136+150 with span L = 30 m
  • bridge at km 141+939 with span L = 43 m
  • bridge at km 148+590 with span L = 11 m
  • bridge over the Makotska River at km 148+694 with span L = 18 m
  • bridge over the Makotska River at km 150+911 with span L = 18 m
  • rail underpass at km 151+596 with span L = 78 m
  • bridge at km 153+067 with span L = 6 m, and others.



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