Employer: Botevgrad Municipality
Contractor: Patstroy-92 AD as a partner in Consortium "Infrastroy"
Project implementation period: December 2010 – November 2012

Description of the project:
This is the second largest project under Priority Axis 2 of EU Operational Programme "Environment 2007-2013" after Sadinata non-hazardous waste landfill of Sofia Municipality which has also been constructed by a consortium with lead partner Geotechmin OOD .

The regional landfill covers an area of about 130 acres. It is located 2 km north of the town of Botevgrad near Trudovets village. It comprises two landfill cells with a total area of 62,450 sq.m.

The project has been implemented by the best available technologies. It covers the construction of the first landfill cell (33,000 sq.m.), an administrative area (3,645 sq.m.), internal infrastructure and 6,600 sq.m. of operational roads, access infrastructure (a road, a water-main and power supply), approximately 48,000 sq.m. of adjoining lawns and repair of a bridge.

Consortium "Infrastroy" has executed the following facilities:

  • protection dikes surrounding the cell
  • surface water ditches
  • insulation on the bottom and the inner slopes of the dikes for protection of soil and underground waters from pollution by wastes and infiltrated waters
  • a drainage system for catching the infiltrated waters and discharging them outside the landfill cells
  • a pipeline for leading the infiltrated waters into a pump station with a retention basin
  • vertical gas wells and gas drainage for catching the released biogas which contains more than 50% methane

Conducted works (Patstroy-92 AD):

  • excavation works – 58,870 cub.m.
  • filling works – 22,100 cub.m.
  • gravel bearing layer and road base – 5,550 cub.m.
  • concrete works – 1,680 cub.m.
  • asphalt concrete – 2,456 tons
  • HDPE liner – 480 sq.m.
  • HDPE pipes – 1,020 m
  • tiled drainage ditches – 2,064 m
  • gabions – 626 pcs.



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