June 2019

For the second consecutive year, Geotechmin OOD has held a mentoring-training programme for young geologists from the Japanese company Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation (MMTEC). The completion of the training was celebrated with a solemn ceremony at the end of June 2019. It was conducted in the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov, President of Geotechmin OOD and Mr. Hiroaki Anzai, President of the Japanese company MMTEC for providing technical skills transfer to young Japanese specialists.

August 2019

  • Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov received an honorary certificate and a plaque “Honorary Citizen of Etropole Municipality” for outstanding merits.
  • For 20 years, GEOTECHMIN GROUP has implemented unique projects dedicated to the long-term and sustainable development of Ellatzite-Med AD.

On 22 August 2019, more than 6,000 people gathered in the central square in the town of Etropole to celebrate Miners Day and 44 years since the establishment of Ellatzite Copper Mining and Processing Plant and 20 years since the company joined GEOTECHMIN GROUP. The event was attended by veterans who had built the mine in the 1970s, employees and workers of Ellatzite-Med AD and the companies in GEOTECHMIN GROUP, representatives of organizations and trade unions, numerous guests from Bulgaria and abroad, residents and guests of Etropole Municipality. They rejoiced the festivity until midnight when the sky over Etropole was lit up with spectacular multicolored fireworks.

The guests were able to get familiar with interesting facts from the history and development prospects of the mine complex which had been founded in the time of socialism. After its privatization, the mine complex was developed and upgraded by the entirely Bulgarian management teams of Geotechmin and Ellatzite-Med. Nowadays, Ellatzite-Med is a high-tech and resource efficient mining company, one of the most advanced operations in the mining sector worldwide. The guests also enjoyed the artistic performances of local young talents from Etropole Brass Band and Folk Ensemble Balkan Youth at Todor Peev – 1871 Community Centre. Famous artists such as the Bulgarian folk singer Valya Balkanska and the bagpipe player Petar Yanev, Nelly Petkova and Nikolina Chakardakova added to the joyful atmosphere getting everyone on the dance floor. Late at night, the party ended with performances by Ku-Ku Band, Magadance Ballet and Gumzata Brass Show.

The solemn celebration of Ellatzite-Med’s anniversaries started with a guided tour for official guests to the Mine Complex. The hosts showed firsthand how leading-edge technologies and process digitalization were implemented in the company after privatization. Among the official guests were the Deputy Prime Minister Mrs Mariana Nikolova, Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mr Biser Petkov, Deputy Minister of Environment and Water Mr Krasimir Zhivkov, Mr Stanislav Stankov - Director of Natural Resources, Concessions and Control Directorate at the Ministry of Energy, and foreign business partners. The event was also attended by the District Governor of Sofia Region Iliyan Todorov. The success story of Ellatzite-Med comprises numerous achievements, such as the significant mine expansion and life of mine extension by 25 years, as well as the substantial transition from a mine complex into an upscale technology company.

By implementing new technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and innovations, the company has improved the profitability of mining and flotation of low-grade ores. Today Ellatzite mine ranks among the top mining companies in Europe in terms of copper ore mining production capacity. ‘Innovations have driven a qualitative change in the production process. This allows for optimum utilization of natural resources and recovery of useful components from them,’ said M.Eng. Dragomir Draganov, Executive Director of Ellatzite-Med AD.

In his congratulatory address during this festive event, the Mayor of Etropole Mr Dimitar Dimitrov emphasized the great responsibility of the company in all spheres of public life. The Chairman of Etropole Municipal Council Mr Marin Marinov presented an honorary certificate and a plaque “Honorary Citizen of Etropole Municipality” to Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov for his outstanding merits in the development of Etropole Municipality. He noted that Prof. Voutov had always been close to the citizens of Etropole, to their worries and turmoil, and had always helped them.

Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov thanked for the high praise and added that it was due to all those who had contributed to the development of Etropole. He looked back to 1975 when it all started and the head office of Ellatzite Copper Mining and Processing Plant was located 100 meters from the central town square. He highlighted the great merits of the veterans - builders, mining specialists and managers who were among the guests attending the event. ‘Why are we celebrating 20-year anniversary? Because today we can proudly say that Ellatzite-Med is one of the most modern enterprises not only in Europe, but also in the world,’ said Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov. He added that for 20 years since joining GEOTECHMIN GROUP, Ellatzite-Med had made long-term investments in equipment, machines and environmental protection amounting to BGN 1 billion. Furthermore, the average salary increased by 350% and now it is USD 1270. The President of Geotechmin also outlined the top priorities for the company in the future: social policy, education, youth retention policy. ‘There will be no better place to live than Bulgaria,’ he said.

Official congratulatory speeches were delivered by Mrs Mariana Nikolova - Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy, Mr Biser Petkov - Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mr Krasimir Zhivkov - Deputy Minister of Environment and Water, Mr Stanislav Stankov - Director of Natural Resources, Concessions and Control Directorate at the Ministry of Energy, Prof. Dr. Eng. Lyuben Totev and the President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr Tsvetan Simeonov. Congratulatory messages were sent by the Minister of Economy Mr Emil Karanikolov, Minister of Agriculture Mrs Desislava Taneva, Minister of Tourism Mrs Nikolina Angelkova, mayors, partner organizations, companies, and schools.

His Eminence Metropolitan Bishop of Lovech Gavriil performed a solemn water blessing service for good health, success and prosperity. He congratulated Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov and the management teams of GEOTECHMIN GROUP and Ellatzite-Med for all their efforts to create material and spiritual values and joy for people.

The official celebration was attended by all members of the Supervisory and Management Boards of Ellatzite-Med, the Vice Presidents of Geotechmin OOD Dr. Ivan Vutov and Dr.Eng. Vladimir Vutov, Executive Director Mr Dominic Hamers, all managers of the companies in GEOTECHMIN GROUP, and thousands of employees.

Plenty of warm words of gratitude were said about all the people standing behind the company’s success over the years. At the event that brought together past present and future, many of these remarkable men and women were awarded for their valuable contribution and high achievements. A few weeks before this celebration nearly 1,000 jubilee medals were given to managers, employees and partners in recognition of their significant contribution to the development of Ellatzite-Med.




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